Prof. King Lau CHOW

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Research Area

Pattern Formation, Neural Development and Sensory Organ Differentiation

Research Interests

Genetics, Evolutionary biology, Cellular and molecular mechanisms, Developmental biology, Sensory organ differentiation,

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: BIEN5050 - Global Health Ethics
2020-21 Fall: IIMP2000 - Academic and Professional Development
2020-21 Fall: LIFS6114D - Current Topics in Biotechnology and Traditional Chinese Medicine
2020-21 Fall: SCIE1130 - Scientific Understanding of Our World
2020-21 Fall: SCIE4500 - IRE Research Project II
2020-21 Fall: LIFS4971 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology Project Research I
2020-21 Spring: IIMP4980 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Project I
2020-21 Spring: SCIE2500 - Guided Study on Research II
2020-21 Spring: LIFS4981 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology Project Research II
2020-21 Spring: IIMP2000 - Academic and Professional Development
2019-20 Spring: LIFS4981 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology Project Research II
2019-20 Spring: IIMP2000 - Academic and Professional Development
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities
2019-20 Summer: UROP1100A - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 1

Recent Publications

  • Lee, A.W.T.; Ng, J.K.W.; Liao, J.; Luk, A.C.; Suen, A.H.C.; Chan, T.T.H.; Cheung, M.Y.; Chu, H.T.; Tang, N.L.S.; Zhao, M.P.; Lian, Q.; Chan, W.Y.; Chan, D.Y.L.; Leung, T.Y.; Chow, King Lau; Wang, W.; Wang, L.H.; Chen, N.C.H.; Yang, W.J.; Huang, J.Y.; Li, T.C.; Lee, T.L., "Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies molecular targets associated with poor in vitro maturation performance of oocytes collected from ovarian stimulation", (2021)
  • Zeng, Xuezhen; Zhou, Jingying; Xiong, Zhewen; Sun, Hanyong; Yang, Weiqin; Mok, Myth T. S.; Wang, Jing; Li, Jingqing; Liu, Man; Tang, Wenshu; Feng, Yu; Wang, Hector Kwong-Sang; Tsang, Shun Wa; Chow, King Lau; Yeung, Philip Chun; Wong, John; Lai, Paul Bo-San; Chan, Anthony Wing-Hung; To, Ka Fai; Chan, Stephen Lam; Xia, Qiang; Xue, Jing; Chen, Xiao; Yu, Jun; Peng, Sui; Sung, Joseph Jao-Yiu; Kuang, Ming; Cheng, Alfred Sze-Lok, "Cell cycle-related kinase reprograms the liver immune microenvironment to promote cancer metastasis", (2020)
  • Qian, Yan; Liao, Jinyue; Suen, Ashley Hoi Ching; Lee, Annie Wing Tung; Chung, Hoisze; Tang, Nelson Leung Sang; Chow, King Lau; Cao, Qin; Yip, Yuk Lap; Leung, Tak Yeung; Chan, Waiyee; Chan, David Yiu Leung; Li, Tin Chiu; Lee,Tin Lap, "Comparative Analysis of Single-cell Parallel Sequencing Approaches in Oocyte Application", (2019)
  • Wan, Xuan; Zhou, Yuan; Chan, Chung Man; Yang, Hainan; Yeung, Christine Wai Shan; Chow, King Lau, "SRD‐1 in AWA neurons is the receptor for female volatile sex pheromones in C. elegans males", (2019)
  • Chow, King Lau; Lui, Hin Wai, "A Novel Calibration Procedure of Pulse Transit Time based Blood Pressure measurement with Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate", (2018)

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