Prof. Matthew MCKAY

Research Interests | Teaching Assignments | Publications

Research Area

Biostatistics and computational immunology, evolutionary dynamics, random matrix theory and multivariate statistics, MIMO communication systems, statistical signal processing

Research Interests

Signal processing, Random matrices and high dimensional statistics, Wireless communications, Computational biology, Financial engineering,

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: ELEC2600H - Honors Probability and Random Processes in Engineering
2020-21 Spring: ELEC5450 - Random Matrix Theory and Applications
2019-20 Spring: ELEC5450 - Random Matrix Theory and Applications

Recent Publications

  • Morales-jimenez, David; Johnstone, Iain M.; Mckay, Matthew Robert; Yang, Jeha, "Asymptotics of Eigenstructure of Sample Correlation Matrices for High-Dimensional Spiked Models", (2021)
  • Kundu, Neel Kanth; Mckay, Matthew Robert, "Channel Estimation for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided MISO Communications: From LMMSE to Deep Learning Solutions", (2021)
  • Tang, Fang Yao; Luenam, Phoomraphee; Ran, Ann Ran; Quadeer, Ahmed Abdul; Raman, Rajiv; Sen, Piyali; Khan, Rehana; Giridhar, Anantharaman; Haridas, Swathy; Iglicki, Matias; Zur, Dinah; Loewenstein, Anat; Negri, Hermino P.; Szeto, Simon; Lam, Bryce Ka Yao; Tham, Clement C.; Sivaprasad, Sobha; Mckay, Matthew Robert; Cheung, Carol. Y., "Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy from Ultrawide Field Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Images: A Multi-Center Deep Learning Analysis", (2021)
  • Sohail, Muhammad Saqib; Ahmed, Syed Faraz; Quadeer, Ahmed Abdul; Mckay, Matthew Robert, "In Silico T Cell Epitope Identification for SARS-CoV-2: Progress and Perspectives", (2021)
  • Quadeer, Ahmed Abdul; Ahmed, Syed Faraz; Mckay, Matthew Robert, "Landscape of epitopes targeted by T cells in 852 individuals recovered from COVID-19: Meta-analysis, immunoprevalence, and web platform", (2021)

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