Faculty List

Full Name:

Prof. Jean Marie TARASCON

Adjunct Professor
PhD, University of Bordeaux


(852) 2358 0054



Research Area

Solid State Chemistry

Recent Publications

Reynaud, M.; Rousse, G.; Abakumov, A.M.; Sougrati, M.T.; Van Tendeloo, G.; Chotard, J.-N.; Tarascon, J.-M. "Design of new electrode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries from the bloedite mineral Na2Mg(SO4)2·4H 2O", Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for energy and sustainability. v. 2, (8), 2014, Feb, p. 2671-2680 (2014)


Fedele, Lionel; Sauvage, Frederic; Bois, Joackim; Tarascon, Jean-Marie; Becuwe, Matthieu "Lithium Insertion/De-Insertion Properties of pi-Extended Naphthyl-Based Dicarboxylate Electrode Synthesized by Freeze-Drying", Journal of the Electrochemical Society. v. 161, (1), 2014, p. A46-A52 (2014)


Rousse, G.; Tarascon, J.M. "Sulfate-based polyanionic compounds for Li-Ion batteries: Synthesis, crystal chemistry, and electrochemistry aspects", Chemistry of materials. v. 26, (1), 2014, p. 394-406 (2014)


Senguttuvan, P.; Rousse, G.; Oró-Solé, J.; Tarascon, J.M.; Palacín, M.R. "A low temperature TiP2O7 polymorph exhibiting reversible insertion of lithium and sodium ions", Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for energy and sustainability. v. 1, (48), 2013, p. 15284-15291 (2013)


Ponrouch, A.; Goñi, A.R.; Sougrati, M.T.; Ati, M.; Tarascon, J.-M.; Nava-Avendaño, J.; Palacín, M.R. "A new room temperature and solvent free carbon coating procedure for battery electrode materials", Energy & environmental science. v. 6, (11), 2013, Nov, p. 3363-3371 (2013)


Patel, M.U.M.; Demir Cakan, R.; Morcrette, M.; Tarascon, J.-M.; Gaberscek, M.; Dominko, R. "Analytical techniques for Li-S batteries", Ceramic engineering and science proceedings. v. 33, (9), 2013, p. 1-9 (2013)


Melot, B.C.; Tarascon, J.-M. "Design and preparation of materials for advanced electrochemical storage", Accounts of chemical research. v. 46, (5), 2013, p. 1226-1238 (2013)


Barpanda, P.; Ati, M.; Melot, B.C.; Chotard, J.-N.; Rousse, G.; Tarascon, J.-M. "Effect of both Mn and Zn partial substitution on the electrochemical performance of LiFeSO4F", ECS transactions. v. 45, (29), 2013, p. 227-233 (2013)


Boulineau, S.; Tarascon, J.-M.; Leriche, J.-B.; Viallet, V. "Electrochemical properties of all-solid-state lithium secondary batteries using Li-argyrodite Li6PS5Cl as solid electrolyte", Solid state ionics. v. 242, 2013, p. 45-48 (2013)


Chen, Y.; Tarascon, J.-M.; Guéry, C. "Exploring sulfur solubility in ionic liquids for the electrodeposition of sulfide films with their electrochemical reactivity toward lithium", Electrochimica Acta. v. 99, 2013, p. 46-53 (2013)


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