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Research Area

Bioengineering - Neural circuits for visual behaviors in zebrafish

Research Interests

Neurobiology and neurosciences, Neural circuit, Sensory neurobiology,

Teaching Assignments

2017-18 Spring: LIFS3240 - Introduction to Neurobiology
2018-19 Fall: BIEN5040 - Introduction to Bioengineering Research
2018-19 Fall: LIFS6112B - Current Topics in Neuroscience
2018-19 Fall: LIFS4960 - Biological Science Capstone Project
2018-19 Fall: LIFS4961 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology Capstone Project
2018-19 Spring: SCIE2500 - Guided Study on Research II
2018-19 Spring: LIFS3240 - Introduction to Neurobiology
2018-19 Spring: LIFS6111J - Life Science Postgraduate Student Seminar

Recent Publications

  • Temizer, Incinur; Donovan, Joseph C.; Baier, Herwig; Semmelhack, Julie Lee "A Visual Pathway for Looming-Evoked Escape in Larval Zebrafish", Current Biology, v. 25, (14), 2015, p. 1823-1834 (2015)
  • Semmelhack, Julie Lee; Donovan, Joseph C.; Thiele, Tod Rogers; Kuehn, Enrico; Laurell, Eva; Baier, Herwig "A Dedicated Visual Pathway for Prey Detection in Larval Zebrafish", eLife, v. 3, 2014, Article Number: e04878 (2014)
  • Semmelhack, Julie Lee; Wang, Jing W. "Select Drosophila Glomeruli Mediate Innate Olfactory Attraction and Aversion", Nature, v. 459, (7244), 2009, p. 218-223 (2009)
  • Root, Cory M.; Semmelhack, Julie Lee; Wong, Allen; Flores, Jorge Antonio; Wang, Jing W. "Propagation of Olfactory Information in Drosophila", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, v. 104, (28), 2007, p. 11826-11831 (2007)
  • Taga, Michiko E.; Semmelhack, Julie Lee; Bassler, Bonnie L. "The LuxS-dependent Autoinducer Al-2 Controls the Expression of an ABC Transporter that Functions in Al-2 Uptake in Salmonella Typhimurium", Molecular Microbiology, v. 42, (3), 2001, p. 777-793 (2001)

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