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Full Name:

Prof. Chak Keung CHAN

Adjunct Professor
PhD, California Institute of Technology (1992)


(852) 2358 7130


(852) 2358 0054




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Research Area

Aerosol chemistry and physics, air pollution, laser spectroscopy

Research Interests

Aerosol physics and chemistry; air pollution; light scattering and spectroscopy.

Current Research Activities

Aerosol physics and chemistry; air pollution; light scattering and spectroscopy.

Recent Publications

Schurman, M.I.; Kim, J.Y.; Cheung, H.H.Y.; Chan, C.K. "Atmospheric particle composition-hygroscopic growth measurements using an in-series hybrid tandem differential mobility analyzer and aerosol mass spectrometer", Aerosol science and technology, v. 51, (6), 2017, p. 694-703 (2017)


Cai, Mingfu; Tan, Haobo; Chan, Chak Keung; Mochida, Mochida; Hatakeyama, Shiro; Kondo, Yutaka; Schurman, Misha I.; Xu, Hanbing; Li, Fei; Shimada, Kojiro; Li, Liu; Deng, Yange; Yai, Hikari; Matsuki, Atsushi; Qin, Yiming; Zhao, Jun "Comparison of Aerosol Hygroscopcity, Volatility, and Chemical Composition Between a Suburban Site in the Pearl River Delta Region and a Marine Site in Okinawa", Aerosol and Air Quality Research, v.17, (12), December 2017 (2017)


Xie, Wenjing; Weng, Lutao; Ng, Kai Mo; Chan, Chak Keung; Chan, Chi Ming "Defects of Clean Graphene and Sputtered Graphite Surfaces Characterized by Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy", Carbon, v. 112, 2017, p. 192-200 (2017)


Lee, Berto Paul; Wang, Hao; Chan, Chak Keung "Diurnal and Day-to-day Characteristics of Ambient Particle Mass Size Distributions from HR-ToF-AMS Measurements at an Urban Site and a Suburban Site in Hong Kong", ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, v.17, (22), November 2017, p. 13605-13624 (2017)


Sauerwein, Meike; Chan, Chak Keung "Heterogeneous uptake of ammonia and dimethylamine into sulfuric and oxalic acid particles", Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, v. 17, (10), May 2017, p. 6323-6339 (2017)


Chu, Yangxi; Chan, Chak Keung. "Reactive Uptake of Dimethylamine by Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Sulfate–Sucrose Mixed Particles", Journal of Physical Chemistry A, v. 121, (1), 2017, p. 206-215 (2017)


Chu, Yangxi; Chan, Chak Keung "Role of oleic acid coating in the heterogeneous uptake of dimethylamine by ammonium sulfate particles", Aerosol Science and Technology, 27 April 2017 (2017)


Grayson, James W.; Evoy, Erin; Song, Mijung; Chu, Yangxi; Maclean, Adrian; Nguyen, Allena; Upshur, Mary Alice; Ebrahimi, Marzieh; Chan, Chak Keung; Geiger, Franz M.; Thomson, Regan J.; Bertram, Allan K. "The effect of hydroxyl functional groups and molar mass on the viscosity of non-crystalline organic and organic–water particles", Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, v. 17, (13), July 2017, p. 8509-8524 (2017)


Zhou, Yang; Huang, Xiaohui; Griffith, Stephen Miles; Li, Mei; Li, Lei; Zhou, Zhen; Wu, Cheng; Meng, Junwang; Chan, Chak Keung; Louie, Peter K.K.; Yu, Jian Zhen "A Field Measurement Based Scaling Approach for Quantification of Major Ions, Organic Carbon, and Elemental Carbon Using a Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer", Atmospheric Environment, v. 143, October 2016, p. 300-312 (2016)


Huang, D. D.; Zhang, Xuan; Dalleska, Nathan F.; Lignell, Hanna; Coggon, Matthew M.; Chan, Chi Ming; Flagan, Richard C.; Seinfeld, John H.; Chan, Chak Keung "A Note on the Effects of Inorganic Seed Aerosol on the Oxidation State of Secondary Organic Aerosol—α-Pinene Ozonolysis", Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, v. 121, (20), 2016, p. 12,476-12,483 (2016)


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