Prof. Furong GAO

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Product and Process Systems Engineering - Process monitoring, control and optimization; Injection Molding; Smart Manufacturing & Big-Data.

Research Interests

Process modeling, Control and monitoring, Polymer processing,

Teaching Assignments

2019-20 Fall: CENG6000M - Advanced Control and Data Science
2018-19 Fall: CENG4120 - Process Dynamics and Control
2018-19 Spring: CENG4120 - Process Dynamics and Control

Recent Publications

  • Zhu, Jinlin; Yao, Y.; Gao, Furong "Multiphase two-dimensional time-slice dynamic system for batch process monitoring", Journal of Process Control, v. 85, January 202, p. 184-198 (2020)
  • Li, Dewei; He, Shaoying; Xi, Yugeng; Liu, Tao; Gao, Furong; Wang, Youqing; Lu, Jingyi "Synthesis of ILC-MPC controller with data-driven approach for constrained batch processes", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, v.67, (4), April 2020, article number 8691673, p. 3116-3125 (2020)
  • Lu, Jingyi; Cao, Zhixing; Zhao, Chunhui; Gao, Furong "110th Anniversary: An Overview on Learning-Based Model Predictive Control for Batch Processes", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, v. 58, (37), September 2019, p. 17164-17173 (2019)
  • Luo, Weiping; Wang, Limin; Zhang, Ridong; Gao, Furong "2D Switched Model-Based Infinite Horizon LQ Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control for Batch Process", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, v. 58, (22), June 2019, p. 9540-9551 (2019)
  • Tang, Xiaopeng; Wang, Yujie; Zou, Changfu; Yao, Ke; Xia, Yongxiao; Gao, Furong "A novel framework for Lithium-ion battery modeling considering uncertainties of temperature and aging", Energy Conversion and Management, v. 180, 15 January 2019, p. 162-170 (2019)

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