Prof. Furong GAO

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Research Area

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Product and Process Systems Engineering - Process monitoring, control and optimization; Injection Molding

Current Research Activities

Process modeling, control and monitoring; polymer processing.

Recent Publications

  • Tang, Xiaopeng; Wang, Yujie; Zou, Changfu; Yao, Ke; Xia, Yongxiao; Gao, Furong "A novel framework for Lithium-ion battery modeling considering uncertainties of temperature and aging", Energy Conversion and Management, v. 180, 15 January 2019, p. 162-170 (2019)
  • Tang, Xiaopeng; Zou, C.; Yao, Ke; Chen, Guohua; Liu, Boyang; He, Z.; Gao, Furong "A fast estimation algorithm for lithium-ion battery state of health", Journal of Power Sources, v. 369, August 2018, p. 453-458 (2018)
  • Shen, Yiteng; Wang, Limin; Yu, Jingxian; Zhang, Ridong; Gao, Furong "A hybrid 2D fault-tolerant controller design for multi-phase batch processes with time delay", Journal of Process Control, v. 69, Septemer 2018, p. 138-157 (2018)
  • Zhang, Ridong; Wu, Sheng; Cao, Zhixing; Lu, Jingyi; Gao, Furong "A Systematic Min-Max Optimization Design of Constrained Model Predictive Tracking Control for Industrial Processes against Uncertainty", IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, v. 26, (6), November 2018, article number 8036408, p. 2157-2164 (2018)
  • Qu, Hongyi; Li, Dewei; Zhang, Ridong; Gao, Furong "An incremental Inter-agent learning method for adaptive control of multiple identical processes in mass production", Neurocomputing, v. 315, November 2018, p. 322-344 (2018)

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