Prof. Furong GAO

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Data Science and Process Systems Engineering - Process monitoring, control and optimization; Injection Molding; Smart Manufacturing & Big-Data.

Research Interests

Process modeling, Control and monitoring, Polymer processing,

Teaching Assignments

2021-22 Fall: CENG5230 - Advanced Control and Data Science
2020-21 Fall: CENG6000M - Advanced Control and Data Science
2020-21 Spring: CENG4940 - Chemical Engineering Industrial Project
2020-21 Spring: CENG3110 - Process Dynamics and Control

Recent Publications

  • Zheng, Jiale; Zhao, Chunhui; Gao, Furong "Retrospective comparison of several typical linear dynamic latent variable models for industrial process monitoring", Computers and Chemical Engineering, v. 157, January 2022, article number 107587 (2022)
  • Tang, Xiaopeng; Gao, Furong; Liu, Kailong; Liu, Qi; Foley, Aoife M. "A Balancing Current Ratio based State-of-Health Estimation Solution for Lithium-ion Battery Pack", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, September 2021, p. 1-1 (2021)
  • Li, Dong; Sun, Xin; Gao, Furong; Liu, Shulin "An improved real-valued negative selection algorithm based on the constant detector for anomaly detection", JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS, v. 40, (5), 22 April 2021, p. 8793-8806 (2021)
  • Tang, Xiaopeng; Liu, Kailong; Liu, Qi; Peng, Qiao; Gao, Furong "Comprehensive study and improvement of experimental methods for obtaining referenced battery state-of-power", Journal of Power Sources, v. 512, November 2021, article number 230462 (2021)
  • Wang, Limin; Song, Jiang; Zhang, Ridong; Gao, Furong "Constrained model predictive fault-tolerant control for multi-time-delayed batch processes with disturbances: A Lyapunov-Razumikhin function method", Journal of the Franklin Institute, October 2021 (2021)

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