Prof. Henry TONG

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Research Area


Research Interests

Pharmaceutical science: preformulation studies, solid state chemistry of drugs, physiochemical and surface characterization methods, formulation development; pharmacy practice: drug information services, extemporaneous preparations of pharmaceutical products.

Recent Publications

  • Zhou, Zhengzheng ; Chan, Hok Man ; Sung, Ho Yung; Tong, Henry H Y; Zheng, Ying "Identification of New Cocrystal Systems with Stoichiometric Diversity of Salicylic Acid Using Thermal Methods", Pharmaceutical Research, v. 33, (4), April 2016, p. 1030-1039 (2016)
  • Fong, P. ; Tong, H.H.Y.; Chao, C.M "In Silico Prediction of Tyrosinase and Adenylyl Cyclase Inhibitors from Natural Compounds", Natural Product Communication v.9, (2), 2014, p. 189-194 (2014)
  • Tong, H. H. Y.; Fong P. "Searching for the Holy Grail of Cosmetic Whitening Actives", Macao Association for Promotion of Science and Technology conference, Macao, China December 2013 (2013)
  • Tong, H.H.Y.; Chim, D "The relationship between casino proximity and problem gambling", Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health v.3, (2), 2013, p.1-17 (2013)
  • Fong, Pedro ; Tong, Henry H. Y. "In Silico Prediction of the Cosmetic Whitening Effects of Naturally Occurring Lead Compounds", Natural product communications v. 7, (10), October 2012, p. 1287-1294 (2012)

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