Prof. I-Ming HSING

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

Biosensors, Biomedical engineering (BME), Microsystems, Bioengineering, Bioelectronics,

Current Research Activities

Bioanalytical microsystem, DNA and cell detection, electrochemistry, fuel cell.

Teaching Assignments

2017-18 Spring: BIEN6800N - Bioengineering Seminar
2018-19 Fall: BIEN5040 - Introduction to Bioengineering Research
2018-19 Fall: BIEN6800O - Bioengineering Seminar
2018-19 Fall: CENG4620 - Bioproducts and Processing
2018-19 Spring: CENG4911 - Chemical Engineering Project
2018-19 Spring: CENG4912 - Chemical and Environmental Engineering Project
2018-19 Spring: CENG4913 - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Project

Recent Publications

  • Wang, Ri; Yang, Zhongguang; Luo, Jiren; Hsing, I-Ming; Sun, Fei "B<sub>12</sub>-Dependent Photoresponsive Protein Hydrogels for Controlled Stem Cell/Protein Release", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, v. 114, (23), June 2017, p. 5912-5917 (2017)
  • Zhang, Zhuo; Fan, Tszwing; Hsing, I-Ming "Integrating DNA Strand Displacement Circuitry to the Nonlinear Hybridization Chain Reaction", Nanoscale, v. 9, (8), 2017, p. 2748-2754 (2017)
  • Fan, Tsz Wing; Hsing, I-Ming "Kinetically Modulated Specificity Against Single-base Mutants in Nucleic Acid Recycling Circuitry Using the Destabilization Motif", Analyst, v. 142, (15), August 2017, p. 2786-2795 (2017)
  • Yu, Henson L. Lee; Zhang, Yinghua; Hsing, I-Ming "Kinetically-enhanced DNA Detection Via Multiple-pass Exonuclease III-aided Target Recycling", ANALYST, v. v. 142, ((24)), December 2017, p. 4782-4787 (2017)
  • Zhang, Zhuo; Hsing, I-Ming "Nucleic Acid Self-Assembly Circuitry Aided by Exonuclease Ill for Discrimination of Single Nucleotide Variants", ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v. 89, (22), November 2017, p. 12466-12471 (2017)

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