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Prof. I Ming HSING

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1997) Director of Bioengineering Program


(852) 2358 7131


(852) 2358 0054




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Research Area

Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Research Interests

Bioanalytical microsystem; DNA and cell detection; electrochemistry; fuel cell.

Current Research Activities

Bioanalytical microsystem, DNA and cell detection, electrochemistry, fuel cell.

Recent Publications

Wang, Ri; Yang, Zhongguang; Luo, Jiren; Hsing, I-Ming; Sun, Fei "B<sub>12</sub>-Dependent Photoresponsive Protein Hydrogels for Controlled Stem Cell/Protein Release", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, v. 114, (23), June 2017, p. 5912-5917 (2017)


Zhang, Zhuo; Fan, Tszwing; Hsing, I-Ming "Integrating DNA Strand Displacement Circuitry to the Nonlinear Hybridization Chain Reaction", Nanoscale, v. 9, (8), 2017, p. 2748-2754 (2017)


Fan, Tsz Wing; Hsing, I-Ming "Kinetically Modulated Specificity Against Single-base Mutants in Nucleic Acid Recycling Circuitry Using the Destabilization Motif", Analyst, v. 142, (15), August 2017, p. 2786-2795 (2017)


Yu, Henson L. Lee; Zhang, Yinghua; Hsing, I-Ming "Kinetically-enhanced DNA Detection Via Multiple-pass Exonuclease III-aided Target Recycling", ANALYST, v. v. 142, ((24)), December 2017, p. 4782-4787 (2017)


Zhang, Zhuo; Hsing, I-Ming "Nucleic Acid Self-Assembly Circuitry Aided by Exonuclease Ill for Discrimination of Single Nucleotide Variants", ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v. 89, (22), November 2017, p. 12466-12471 (2017)


Gu, Xi; Yao, Chunlei; Liu, Ying; Hsing, I-Ming "16-Channel Organic Electrochemical Transistor Array for In Vitro Conduction Mapping of Cardiac Action Potential", Advanced Healthcare Materials, v. 5, (18), Sep 2016, p. 2345-2351 (2016)


Kou, Songzi ; Cheng, Danhui ; Sun, Fei; Hsing, I-Ming "Microfluidics and microbial engineering", Lab on a chip, v. 16, (3), 2016, p. 432-446 (2016)


Xuan, Feng ; Fan, Tsz Wing ; Hsing, I-Ming "Electrochemical Interrogation of Kinetically-Controlled Dendritic DNA/PNA Assembly for Immobilization-Free and Enzyme-Free Nucleic Acids Sensing", ACS nano, v. 9, (5), May 2015, p. 5027-5033 (2015)


Yao, Chunlei; Li, Qianqian ; Guo, Jing; Yan, Feng ; Hsing, I-ming "Rigid and Flexible Organic Electrochemical Transistor Arrays for Monitoring Action Potentials from Electrogenic Cells", Advanced Healthcare Materials, v. 4, (4), 2014, p. 528-533 (2014)


Xuan, Feng., Luo, Xiaoteng., Hsing, I-Ming., "Conformation-Dependent Exonuclease III Activity Mediated by Metal Ions Reshuffling on Thymine-Rich DNA Duplexes for an Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Method for Hg2+ Detection", Analytical chemistry. v. 85, (9), May 2013, p. 4586-4593 (2013)


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Student Name: Tsz Wing FAN
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Abstract Title: Nucleic Acid Based Circuits for Specific and Sensitive Molecular Diagnostics

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Student Name: Henson Lim LEE YU
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Abstract Title: Nucleic Acid-Enzyme Molecular Machines and its Applications

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