Prof. King Lun YEUNG

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Environmental Engineering - Nanostructured and Nanoporous Materials, Environmental Catalysis, Chemical Microreactors and Microseparators

Research Interests

Rational design and synthesis of functional nanostructured and nanoporous materials for green chemical and energy production, environmental protection and pollution abatement, and biological research and medical applications.

Current Research Activities

Synthesis of advanced materials for thin film coating, membranes and sensors; membrane and catalyst technology for waste minimization and pollution control; advanced reactor design and analysis.

Teaching Assignments

2021-22 Fall: CENG3230 - Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering
2020-21 Fall: CENG5100 - Advanced Reaction Engineering
2020-21 Spring: CENG4940 - Chemical Engineering Industrial Project
2020-21 Spring: CBME5110 - Theory and Practice in Heterogeneous Catalysis
2020-21 Spring: ENVR3210 - Environmental Technology
2020-21 Summer: UROP2100D - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 2

Recent Publications

  • Li, Yuxin; Han, Wei; Wang, Ruixuan; Weng, Lutao; Serrano-Lotina, Ana; Banares, Miguel A.; Wang, Qingyue; Yeung, King Lun "Performance of an Aliovalent-Substituted CoCeO<sub>x</sub> Catalyst from Bimetallic MOF for VOC Oxidation in Air", Volume 275, 15 October 2020, Article number 119121, v. 275, October 2020, article number 119121 (2020)
  • Wang, Qingyue; Yeung, King Lun; Bañares, Miguel A. "Ceria and Its Related Materials for VOC Catalytic Combustion: A Review", Catalysis Today, 2019 (2019)
  • Deng, Ran; Han, Wei; Yeung, King Lun "Confined PFSA/MOF composite membranes in fuel cells for promoted water management and performance", Catalysis Today, 2018 (2018)
  • Ding, Jianfei; Ma, Tianlin; Shao, Rong; Xu, Wei; Wang, Pengfei; Song, Xiaoyong; Guan, Rongfeng; Yeung, King Lun; Han, W. "Gas phase dehydration of glycerol to acrolein on an amino siloxane-functionalized MCM-41 supported Wells-Dawson type H6P2W18O62 catalyst", New Journal of Chemistry, v. 42, (17), September 2018, p. 14271-14280 (2018)
  • Zhang, Jian., Zhang, Xiongfu., Liu, Weifeng., Liu, Haiou., Qiu, Jieshan., Yeung, King Lun., "A new alkali-resistant Ni/Al2O3-MSU-1 core-shell catalyst for methane steam reforming in a direct internal reforming molten carbonate fuel cell", Journal of power sources. v. 246, January 2014, p. 74-83 (2014)

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