Prof. Gordon MCKAY

Current Research Activities | Publications

Research Area

Research Area: My research focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of the design and optimization of processes and products for environmental applications, waste minimization and energy recovery.

Current Research Activities

Wastewater treatment for dyes and metals using adsorption, ion exchange and ozonation; biopolymers from crab and prawn shells; process design; ions; dioxin removal; MSW processing; production of new adsorbents.

Recent Publications

  • Hadi myavagh, Pejman; Ning, Chao; Luo, Zhengtang; Weng, Lutao; Mckay, Gordon; Kubicki, James D. ; Mueller, Karl ; Fagan, Jonathan W. "Sustainable development of a surface-functionalized mesoporous aluminosilicate with ultra-high ion exchange efficiency", Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 2016, Jan, p. 1-12 (2016)
  • Hadi, Pejman ; Yeung, Kit Ying ; Guo, Jiaxin ; Wang, Huaimin ; Mckay, Gordon "Sustainable development of tyre char-based activated carbons with different textural properties for value-added applications", Journal of environmental management, v. 170, 2016, p. 1-7 (2016)
  • Hadi, Pejman ; Xu, Meng ; Ning, Chao ; Lin, Carol Sze Ki ; McKay, Gordon "A critical review on preparation, characterization and utilization of sludge-derived activated carbons for wastewater treatment", Chemical engineering journal, v. 260, January 2015, p. 895-906 (2015)
  • Saleem, Junaid ; Bazargan, Alireza ; Barford, John ; McKay, Gordon "Application of Strong Porous Polymer Sheets for Superior Oil Spill Recovery", Chemical engineering & technology, v. 38, (3), March 2015, p. 482-488 (2015)
  • Saleem, Junaid; Ning, Chao; Barford, John Patrick; McKay, Gordon "Combating oil spill problem using plastic waste", Waste management, v. 44, 2015, Oct, p. 34-38 (2015)

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