Prof. Xijun HU

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Research Area

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Energy Technologies, Environmental Engineering - Heterogeneous catalysis; Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics; Nanostructured materials; Wastewater treatment.

Current Research Activities

Development of heterogeneous nano-porous catalyst by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and its application in wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation, photo-oxidation; Nanocomposite particles of Fe/clay as catalyst for photo-Fenton reaction; Continuous wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation using a trickle bed reactor; Modified MCM-41 materials for efficient storage and rapid release of hydrogen; Multicomponent adsorption equilibrium and kinetics in heterogeneous porous media; Characterization of microporous solids; fabrication of Meso-Structured Crystals for Electrical and Optical Applications.

Recent Publications

  • Chatterjee, Amrita; Hu, Xijun; Lam, Leung Yuk Frank "Catalytic activity of an economically sustainable fly-ash-metal-organic- framework composite towards biomass valorization", Catalysis Today, v. 314, September 2018, p. 137-146 (2018)
  • Chatterjee, Amrita; Hu, Xijun; Lam, Leung Yuk Frank "Towards a recyclable MOF catalyst for efficient production of furfural", Catalysis Today, v. 314, September 2018, p. 129-136 (2018)
  • Sabbaghi, Aghil; Lam, Frank Leung Yuk; Hu, Xijun "Non-precious Metal Catalysts Supported on High Zr Loaded-SBA-15 for Lean NO Reduction", Molecular Catalysis, v. 440, October 2017, p. 1-8 (2017)
  • Wong, Chiho; Lam, Frank Leung Yuk; Shen, Junying; He, Minquan; Hu, Xijun; Lortz, Rolf Walter "The role of the coherence length for the establishment of global phase coherence in arrays of ultra-thin superconducting nanowires", Superconductor Science and Technology, v. 30, (10), August 2017, article number 105004 (2017)
  • Zhang, Ying; Wong, Chi Ho; Shen, Junying; Sze, Sin Ting; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Haijing; Dong, Yan; Xu, Hui; Yan, Zifeng; Li, Yingying; Hu, Xijun; Lortz, Rolf "Dramatic enhancement of superconductivity in single-crystalline nanowire arrays of Sn", Scientific Reports, v. 6, (32963), September 2016 (2016)

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