Prof. Xijun HU

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Energy Technologies, Environmental Engineering - Heterogeneous catalysis; Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics; Nanostructured materials; Wastewater treatment.

Research Interests

Environmental catalysis and reaction; nanomaterials; adsorption.

Current Research Activities

Development of heterogeneous nano-porous catalyst by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and its application in wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation, photo-oxidation; Nanocomposite particles of Fe/clay as catalyst for photo-Fenton reaction; Continuous wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation using a trickle bed reactor; Modified MCM-41 materials for efficient storage and rapid release of hydrogen; Multicomponent adsorption equilibrium and kinetics in heterogeneous porous media; Characterization of microporous solids; fabrication of Meso-Structured Crystals for Electrical and Optical Applications.

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: CENG4710 - Environmental Control
2020-21 Spring: CENG4920 - Chemical Engineering Capstone Design
2020-21 Spring: CENG5210 - Advanced Separation Processes
2019-20 Spring: CENG5210 - Advanced Separation Processes
2019-20 Spring: CENG4920 - Chemical Engineering Capstone Design
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Recent Publications

  • Lin, Ting; Tam, Sze Kee; Hu, Xijun; Ng, Ka Ming "A new route for fast synthesis of copper nanowires and application on flexible transparent conductive films", Journal of Nanoparticle Research, v. 23, (5), May 2021, article number 121 (2021)
  • Chen, Jiuting; Li, Cong; Lian, Yuebin; Chen, Yu; Chen, Taiqiang; Hu, Xijun "Understanding the oxygen-containing functional groups on multiwall carbon nanotubes toward supercapacitors", Materials Today Chemistry, v. 19, March 2021, article number 100414 (2021)
  • Li, Yingying; Sabbaghi, Aghil; Huang, Jiale; Li, Ka Chun; Tsui, Lok Sze; Lam, Leung Yuk Frank; Hu, Xijun "Aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol: Influence from catalysts basicity, acidity, and preparation methods", Molecular Catalysis, v. 485, April 2020, article number 110789 (2020)
  • Khan, Wasim U.; Chen, Season S.; Tsang, Daniel C. W.; Teoh, Wey Yang; Hu, Xijun; Lam, Leung Yuk Frank; Yip, Alex C. K. "Catalytically active interfaces in titania nanorod-supported copper catalysts for CO oxidation", Nano Research, v. 13, (2), February 2020, p. 533-542 (2020)
  • Si, Fan; Zhang, Yongqing; Yao, Chenhui; Du, Meimei; Hussain, Imtyaz; Huang, Shaobin; Wen, William; Hu, Xijun "Degradation of Ronidazole by Electrochemically Simultaneously Generated Persulfate and Ferrous Ions", Chemosphere, v. 238, January 2020, article number 124579 (2020)

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