Prof. Yongli MI

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Research Area

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Bioengineering - DNA self-assembly for bio-nanotechnology, Bio-nanotechnology, Nano-wire and Micro Devices by Bio-templating approaches, Phase Behavior of Nano-Sized Single Chain Globules, Diffusion phenomena

Current Research Activities

Bio-templating preparation of nano materials; glass transition of polymer nano particles; functional polymers; high-performance polymer blends; macromolecular condensed state of the single-molecule single chains of polymers.

Recent Publications

  • Wang, Wen; Lin, Tong; Zhang, Suoyu; Bai, Tanxi; Mi, Yongli; Wei, Bryan "Self-assembly of fully addressable DNA nanostructures from double crossover tiles", Nucleic acids research, v. 44, (16), 2016, p. 7989-7996 (2016)
  • Lu, Xiao-lin., Mi, Yongli., "Glass Transition Behavior of Spin-Coated Thin Films of a Hydrophilic Polymer on Supported Substrates", Chinese Journal of Polymer Science Vol. 33, No. 4, (2015), 1-6 (2015)
  • HAO, Wenbin., HE, Xiaojin., MI, Yongli. "Achieving high performance in intermediate temperature direct carbon fuel cells with renewable carbon as a fuel source", Applied Energy. v. 135, 2014 Dec, p. 174-181 (2014)
  • Fang, Angbo., Mi, Yongli., "Drainage of a Thin Liquid Film between Hydrophobic Spheres: Boundary Curvature Effects", Langmuir. v. 30, (1), January 2014, p. 83-89 (2014)
  • He, X., Dong, L., Wang, W., Lin, N., Mi, Y., "Folding Single-Stranded DNA to Form the Smallest 3D DNA Triangular Prism", Chemical Communications. v. 49, (28), 2013, Apr, p. 2906-2908 (2013)

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