Prof. Tom LUO

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Energy Technologies - Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Research Interests

Graphene chemistry and physics; materials chemistry; functional polymer; nanofabrication; sensors; spectroscopy; theoretical modeling

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: CENG3210 - Separation Processes
2020-21 Fall: CENG6800S - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Seminar
2020-21 Spring: CENG4920 - Chemical Engineering Capstone Design
2020-21 Spring: CENG5300 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
2020-21 Spring: CENG6800T - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Seminar
2019-20 Spring: CENG5840 - Nanomaterials for Chemical Engineering Applications
2019-20 Spring: CENG6800R - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Seminar
2019-20 Spring: NANO5350 - Nanomaterials for Chemical Engineering Applications
2019-20 Spring: CENG4940 - Chemical Engineering Industrial Project
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Selected Publications

  • Abidi, Irfan Haider; Weng, Lutao; Chi pui jeremy wong; Tyagi, Abhishek; Lin gan; Ding, Yao; Man li; Gao,zhaoli; Xue, Ruiwen; Hossain, Md Delowar; Zhuang, Minghao; Ou, Xuewu; Luo, Zhengtang "New Approach to Unveiling Individual Atomic Layers of 2D Materials and Their Heterostructures", Chemistry of Materials, 15 February 2018 (2018)
  • Zhang, Qicheng; Naylor, Carl H.; Gao, Zhaoli; Wu, Ruizhe; Abidi, Irfan Haider; Zhao, Meng-Qiang; Ding, Yao; Cagang, Aldrine Abenoja; Zhuang, Minghao; Ou, Xuewu; Luo, Zhengtang "Recoil Effect and Photoemission Splitting of Trions in Monolayer MoS2", ACS Nano, v. 11, (11), 28 November 2017, p. 10808-10815 (2017)
  • Wu, Ruizhe; Gan, Lin; Ou, Xuewu; Zhang, Qicheng; Luo, Zhengtang "Detaching graphene from copper substrate by oxidation-assisted water intercalation", Carbon, v. 98, 2016, p. 138-143 (2016)
  • Zhuang, Minghao; Ou, Xuewu; Dou, Yubing; Zhang, Lulu; Zhang, Qicheng; Wu, Ruizhe; Ding, Yao; Shao, Minhua; Luo, Zhengtang "Polymer-Embedded Fabrication of Co2P Nanoparticles Encapsulated in N,P-Doped Graphene for Hydrogen Generation", Nano letters, v. 16, (7), 2016, p. 4691-4698 (2016)
  • Ding, Yao; Peng, Qing; Gan, Lin; Wu, Ruizhe; Ou, Xuewu; Zhang, Q.; Luo, Zhengtang "Stacking-Mode-Induced Reactivity Enhancement for Twisted Bilayer Graphene", Chemistry of materials, v. 28, (4), 2016, p. 1034-1039 (2016)
  • Gan, Lin; Zhang, Haijing; Wu, Ruizhe; Zhang, Qicheng; Qu, Xuewu; Ding, Yao; Sheng, Ping; Luo, Zhengtang "Grain Size Control in the Fabrication of Large Single-crystal Bilayer Graphene Structures", Nanoscale, v. 7, 2015, p. 2391-2399 (2015)
  • Gan, Lin ; Ou, Xuewu ; Zhang, Qicheng ; Wu, Ruizhe ; Luo, Zhengtang "Graphene Amplification by Continued Growth on Seed Edges", Chemistry of materials v. 26, (14), July 2014, p. 4137-4143 (2014)

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