Prof. Lutao WENG

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Materials Analysis

Research Interests

Surface chemistry and surface analysis of advanced materials; Surface analysis techniques (TOF-SIMS, XPS, and AES etc.); Materials analysis

Current Research Activities

Surface analysis of advanced materials; Surface and Interface Science; Polymers and composites; Heterogeneous catalysis

Recent Publications

  • Li, Jinze; Xie, Wenjing; Weng, Lutao; Chan, Chak K.; Chan, Chi Ming "Effects of pretreatment temperature on the analysis of size-fractionated aerosol particles using ToF-SIMS", Surface and Interface Analysis, v. 52, (5), May 2020, p. 264-271 (2020)
  • Li, Yuxin; Han, Wei; Wang, Ruixuan; Weng, Lutao; Serrano-Lotina, Ana; Banares, Miguel A.; Wang, Qingyue; Yeung, King Lun "Performance of an Aliovalent-Substituted CoCeO<sub>x</sub> Catalyst from Bimetallic MOF for VOC Oxidation in Air", Volume 275, 15 October 2020, Article number 119121, v. 275, October 2020, article number 119121 (2020)
  • Wang, Qingyue; Li, Zhimin; BaÑares, Miguel A; Weng, Lu-Tao; Gu, Qinfen; Price, Jason; Han, Wei; Yeung, King Lun "A Novel Approach to High‐Performance Aliovalent‐Substituted Catalysts: 2D Bimetallic MOF‐Derived CeCuOx Microsheets", Small, 2019, article number 1903525 (2019)
  • Yu, Xuanji; Yiu, Pak Man; Weng, Lutao; Chen, Fei; Tsui, Kwan Chui "Effective Viscosity of Lightly UVO-Treated Polystyrene Films on Silicon with Different Molecular Weights", Macromolecules, v. 52, (3), February 2019, p. 877-885 (2019)
  • Deng, Bing; Xin, Zhaowei; Xue, Ruiwen; Zhang, Shishu; Xu, Xiaozhi; Gao, Jing; Tang, Jilin; Qi, Yue; Wang, Yani; Zhao, Yan; Sun, Luzhao; Wang, Huihui; Liu, Kaihui; Rummeli, Mark H.; Weng, Lutao; Luo, Zhengtang; Tong, Lianming; Zhang, Xinyu; Xie, Changsheng; Liu, Zhongfan; Peng, Hailin "Scalable and ultrafast epitaxial growth of single-crystal graphene wafers for electrically tunable liquid-crystal microlens arrays", Science Bulletin, v. 64, (10), May 2019, p. 659-668 (2019)

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