Prof. Francesco CIUCCI

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Energy Technologies - Material Sci. & Eng., Energy, Numerical Meth.

Research Interests

Energy Storage and Conversion (Fuel Cells and Batteries) Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: MECH1902 - Energy Systems in a Sustainable World
2020-21 Fall: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH4950 - Co-op Program
2020-21 Spring: ENGG4904 - Integrated Final Year Thesis - Second Major
2020-21 Spring: ENEG4210 - Optimization of Energy Systems
2020-21 Spring: IBTM5640 - Fuel Cells for Buildings
2019-20 Spring: MECH4950 - Co-op Program
2019-20 Spring: CENG2220 - Process Fluid Mechanics
2019-20 Spring: IBTM6010F - Fuel Cells for Buildings
2019-20 Spring: CENG4940 - Chemical Engineering Industrial Project
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities
2019-20 Summer: UROP3100A - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 3

Recent Publications

  • Kim, Dohyung; Muckley, Eric S.; Creange, Nicole; Wan, Ting Hei; Ann, Myung Hyun; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Vasudevan, Rama K.; Kim, Jong H.; Ciucci, Francesco; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Kalinin, Sergei V.; Ahmadi, Mahshid "Exploring Transport Behavior in Hybrid Perovskites Solar Cells via Machine Learning Analysis of Environmental-Dependent Impedance Spectroscopy", Advanced Science, 21 June 2021, article number 2002510 (2021)
  • Zhou, Guodong; Lin, Xidong; Liu, Jiapeng; Yu, Jing; Wu, Junxiong; Law, Ho Mei; Wang, Zheng; Ciucci, Francesco "In situ formation of poly(butyl acrylate)-based non-flammable elastic quasi-solid electrolyte for dendrite-free flexible lithium metal batteries with long cycle life for wearable devices", Energy Storage Materials, v. 34, January 2021, p. 629-639 (2021)
  • Belotti, Alessio; Liu, Jiapeng; Curcio, Antonino; Wang, Jian; Wang, Zheng; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Ciucci, Francesco "Introducing Ag in Ba<sub>0.9</sub>La<sub>0.1</sub>FeO<sub>3-δ</sub>: Combining cationic substitution with metal particle decoration", Materials Research: Energy, 23 March 2021, article number 100018 (2021)
  • Liu, Jiapeng; Ciucci, Francesco "Redirecting dynamic surface restructuring of a layered transition metal oxide catalyst for superior water oxidation", Nature Catalysis, v. 4, (3), March 2021, p. 212-222 (2021)
  • Luo, Nan; Lin, Yong; Guo, Jian; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Deng, Huaijiu; Dong, Jian; Ciucci, Francesco; Boi, Filippo; Hu, Chunfeng; Grasso, Salvatore "Spark Plasma Sintering of LiFePO<sub>4</sub>: AC Field Suppressing Lithium Migration", Materials, v. 14, (11), June 2021, article number 2826 (2021)

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