Prof. Francesco CIUCCI

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Research Area

Advanced Materials, Energy Technologies - Material Sci. & Eng., Energy, Numerical Meth.

Research Interests

Energy Storage and Conversion (Fuel Cells and Batteries) Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials

Teaching Assignments

2021-22 Fall: MECH1902 - Energy Systems in a Sustainable World
2020-21 Fall: MECH1902 - Energy Systems in a Sustainable World
2020-21 Fall: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH4950 - Co-op Program
2020-21 Spring: ENGG4904 - Integrated Final Year Thesis - Second Major
2020-21 Spring: ENEG4210 - Optimization of Energy Systems
2020-21 Spring: IBTM5640 - Fuel Cells for Buildings
2020-21 Summer: UROP2100D - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 2
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities
2019-20 Summer: UROP3100A - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 3

Recent Publications

  • Wang, Kai; Wang, Zheng; Liu, Yonggang; Liu, Jiapeng; Cui, Zhiming; Zhang, X.; Ciucci, Francesco; Tang, Zhenhua "Tailoring the interfacial active center of MnSxO2−x/MnCo2S4 heterostructure to boost the performance for oxygen evolution reaction and Zn-Air batteries in neutral electrolyte", Chemical Engineering Journal, v. 427, Janurary 2022, article number 131966 (2022)
  • Wan, Ting Hei; Ciucci, Francesco "Ab Initio Study of the Defect Chemistry and Substitutional Strategies for Highly Conductive Li<sub>3</sub>YX<sub>6</sub>(X = F, Cl, Br, and I) Electrolyte for the Application of Solid-State Batteries", ACS Applied Energy Materials, July 2021 (2021)
  • Lin, Xidong; Zhou, Guodong; Liu, Jiapeng; Robson, Matthew James; Yu, Jing; Wang, Yuhao; Zhang, Zhiqi; Kwok, Stephen Chin To; Ciucci, Francesco "Bifunctional Hydrated Gel Electrolyte for Long-Cycling Zn-Ion Battery with NASICON-Type Cathode", Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, article number 2105717 (2021)
  • Bin Mamtaz, Md Raziun; Wang, Zheng; Belotti, Alessio; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Yu, Jing; Liu, Jiapeng; Ciucci, Francesco "Enhancing Ni Exsolution by Nonmetal B-Site Substituents (Si and P) in SrTiO<sub>3</sub>-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes", Energy and Fuels, v. 35, (18), September 2021, p. 15084-15093 (2021)
  • Zhou, Mengzhen; Liu, Jiapeng; Ye, Yongjian; Sun, Xiang; Chen, Huijun; Zhou, Deng; Yin, Yimei; Zhang, Nian; Ling, Yihan; Ciucci, Francesco; Chen, Yan "Enhancing the Intrinsic Activity and Stability of Perovskite Cobaltite at Elevated Temperature Through Surface Stress", Small, October 2021 (2021)

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