Prof. Yi Kuen LEE

Research Interests | Teaching Assignments | Publications

Research Area

Bio-MEMS and micro/nanofluidics, Single DNA/cell mechanics, CTC chips for cancer diagnostics, Closed-loop optimization for screening of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research Interests

Micro chaotic mixing, Micro electroporation chip, Micro / Nano mechanics, Energy efficient systems, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS),

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: IBTM5630 - Micro Sensors for Smart Buildings
2020-21 Fall: MECH5950 - Introduction to Microsystems: Technology and Devices
2020-21 Fall: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH4900 - Final Year Design Project
2020-21 Spring: MECH1905 - Buildings for Contemporary Living
2019-20 Spring: MECH1905 - Buildings for Contemporary Living
2019-20 Summer: UROP1000 - Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Recent Publications

  • Xu, Wei; Wang, Xiaoyi; Mousa, Basant; Paszkiewicz, Maria; Lee, Yi-kuen, "A CMOS MEMS Thermal Flow Sensor for Gas and Liquid with Parylene-C Coating", (2021)
  • Duan, Mingzheng; Zhong, Xiaopeng; Zhao, Xu; El-agnaf, Omer; Lee, Yi-kuen; Bermak, Amine, "An Optical and Temperature Assisted CMOS ISFET Sensor Array for Robust E. Coli Detection", (2021)
  • Xu, Wei; Wang, Xiaoyi; Ke, Zongqin; Lee, Yi-kuen, "Bidirectional CMOS-MEMS Airflow Sensor with sub-mW Power Consumption and High Sensitivity", (2021)
  • Xu, Wei; Wang, Xiaoyi; Zhao, Xiaojin; Yang, Yatao; Lee, Yi-kuen, "Determination of Thermal Conductivities for Thin-Film Materials in CMOS MEMS Process", (2021)
  • Izhar; Tavakkoli, Hadi; Zhao, Xu; Xu, Wei; Luo, Huahuang; Lee, Yi-Kuen, "Experimental Study of Parylene Based Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Integrated Thermal Comfort Sensing Application", (2021)

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