Prof. Richard H Y SO

Research Interests | Teaching Assignments | Publications

Research Area

Functional Brain Studies on Visual and Audio Perception, Computational Ergonomics

Research Interests

Bioinspired signal processing, Visual and auditory perception,

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: IEDA2100E - Computing in Industrial Applications
2020-21 Fall: IEDA4990 - Industrial Engineering Design Project
2020-21 Spring: IEDA4950A - Industrial Engineering Special Project
2020-21 Spring: IEDA4990 - Industrial Engineering Design Project
2020-21 Spring: IIMP4980 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Project I
2020-21 Spring: EEMT5260 - Product Development Management
2019-20 Spring: IEDA4990 - Industrial Engineering Design Project

Recent Publications

  • Ching, Phoebe Mae Lim; Mayol, Andres Philip; San Juan, Jayne Lois G.; Calapatia, Andre Marvin; So, Richard Hau Yue; Sy, Charlle L.; Ubando, Aristotle T.; Culaba, Alvin B., "AI Methods for Modeling the Vacuum Drying Characteristics of Chlorococcum infusionum for Algal Biofuel Production", (2021)
  • Wijesinghe, Lakshitha Prabath; Wohlgemuth, Melville J.; So, Richard Hau Yue; Triesch, Jochen; Moss, Cynthia F.; Shi, Bertram Emil, "Active head rolls enhance sonar-based auditory localization performance", (2021)
  • Wang, Yixuan; Du, Bo; Wei, Yu; So, Richard Hau Yue, "Visually induced roll circular vection: Do effects of stimulation velocity differ for supine and upright participants?", (2021)
  • So, Richard Hau Yue, "Keynote talk Role of Biomedical Engineers in Flighting COVID-19 pandamic in Hong Kong,", (2020)
  • Chin, Jing Wei; Wong, K.L.; Suhartono, Kristian; Chan, T.T.; Lau, Hiu Fung; So, Richard Hau Yue; Wong, S.M.; Pan, D., "Rapid tempertaure screening and suspect tracking in a moving crowd.", (2020)

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