Prof. Benzhong TANG

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Research Area

Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science

Research Interests

Chemical biology, Fluorescent biosensors, Materials chemistry, Organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry,

Teaching Assignments

2020-21 Fall: CHEM4220 - Materials Chemistry
2020-21 Fall: SCIE3500 - IRE Research Project I
2020-21 Spring: SCIE4500 - IRE Research Project II
2020-21 Spring: CHEM4689 - Capstone Project
2020-21 Spring: CHEM4691 - Capstone Research I
2020-21 Spring: CHEM5880 - Polymer Chemistry
2019-20 Spring: CHEM5880 - Polymer Chemistry

Recent Publications

  • Chen, Kongqi; He, Ping; Wang, Zhiming; Tang, Benzhong, "A Feasible Strategy of Fabricating Type i Photosensitizer for Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer Cells and Pathogens", (2021)
  • Zhao, Dongyu; Bi, Weihua; Tang, Benzhong, "A Light-Emitting Liquid Crystal Display Device without Polarizers and Alignment Layers", (2021)
  • Pan, Quan; Ma, Feiyan; Pu, Xinqing; Zhao, Manyi; Wu, Qiling; Zhao, Na; Yang, Jun; Tang, Benzhong, "A Novel Fluorescent Probe for ATP Detection Based on Synergetic Effect of Aggregation-induced Emission and Counterion Displacement", (2021)
  • He, Wei; Zheng, Zheng; Bai, Haotian; Xiong, Ling-Hong; Wang, Lei; Li, Yinghui; Kwok, Ryan T.K.; Lam, Jacky W. Y.; Hu, Qinghua; Cheng, Jinquan; Tang, Benzhong, "A biocompatible dual-AIEgen system without spectral overlap for quantitation of microbial viability and monitoring of biofilm formation", (2021)
  • Wang, Xiaoxuan; Qi, Chunxuan; Fu, Zhiyuan; Zhang, Haoke; Wang, Jianguo; Feng, Hai-Tao; Wang, Kai; Zou, Bo; Lam, Wing Yip; Tang, Benzhong, "A synergy between the push-pull electronic effect and twisted conformation for high-contrast mechanochromic AIEgens", (2021)

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