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Faculty Name Title Contact Research Area
Prof I Ming HSING Head/Professor Phone: 2358 7131
Email: kehsing@ust.hk
Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Prof Henry H N LAM Associate Head / Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7133
Email: kehlam@ust.hk

Prof Furong GAO Chair Professor Phone: 2358 7139
Email: kefgao@ust.hk
Process monitoring, control and optimization; Injection Molding

Prof Ka Ming NG Chair Professor Phone: 2358 7238
Email: kekmng@ust.hk
We focus on process design and development, pharmaceutical engineering, and biotechnology and nanotechnology-based products

Prof Ping GAO Professor Phone: 2358 7126
Email: kepgao@ust.hk
Microrheology, Bio-polymer materials and polymer/nanocomposites

Prof Xijun HU Professor Phone: 2358 7134
Email: kexhu@ust.hk
Heterogeneous catalysis; Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics; Nanostructured materials; Wastewater treatment.

Prof Chi Wai HUI Professor Phone: 2358 7137
Email: kehui@ust.hk
Site-Modeling, Energy Conservation and Process Integration

Prof Yongli MI Professor Phone: 2358 7127
Email: keymix@ust.hk
DNA self-assembly for bio-nanotechnology, Bio-nanotechnology, Nano-wire and Micro Devices by Bio-templating approaches, Phase Behavior of Nano-Sized Single Chain Globules, Diffusion phenomena

Prof King Lun YEUNG Professor Phone: 2358 7123
Email: kekyeung@ust.hk
Nanostructured and Nanoporous Materials, Environmental Catalysis, Chemical Microreactors and Microseparators

Prof Ying CHAU Associate Professor Phone: 2358 8935
Email: keychau@ust.hk

Prof Francesco CIUCCI Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7187
Email: mefrank@ust.hk
Material Sci. & Eng., Energy, Numerical Meth.

Prof Minhua SHAO Associate Professor Phone: 3469 2269
Email: kemshao@ust.hk
Advanced materials for electrochemical energy systems (fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-air batteries, CO2 reduction, water splitting), electrocatalysis, electrochemical interfaces, DFT calculations

Prof Becki Y KUANG Assistant Professor Email: kekuang@ust.hk
RNA engineering, Biomaterials, Molecular self-assembly

Prof Richard LAKERVELD Assistant Professor Phone: 3469 2217
Email: kelakerveld@ust.hk
Process Systems Engineering

Prof Tom LUO Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 8823
Email: keztluo@ust.hk
Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Prof Julie SEMMELHACK Assistant Professor Phone: 3469 2677
Email: jsemmelhack@ust.hk
Neural circuits for visual behaviors in zebrafish

Prof Fei SUN Assistant Professor Phone: 3469 2442
Email: kefsun@ust.hk
Protein Engineering, Biomaterials, Synthetic Biology, Chemical Biology and Ocean Mining

Prof Jiguang WANG Assistant Professor Phone: 3469 2672
Email: jgwang@ust.hk
Computational Biology, Cancer Genomics, Precision Medicine, Machine Learning, Complex Network

Prof Yiwen WANG Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 7053
Email: eewangyw@ust.hk
Brain Machine Interfaces, Adaptive Signal Processing

Prof Terence T W WONG Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 6929
Email: ttwwong@ust.hk
Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Imaging

Prof Angela R H WU Assistant Professor Phone: 3469 2577
Email: angelawu@ust.hk
Investigating disease mechanisms using novel approaches such as single cell transcriptomics and gene editing, Development of new technologies and tools to address experimental challenges in life science research.

Prof Marshal YS LIU Assistant Professor of Engineering Education Phone: 2358 8409
Email: keysliu@ust.hk
Bioprocess, Energy; Natural products

Zero-Percent Jointly Appointed Faculty

Faculty Name Title Contact Research Area
Prof Ben Zhong TANG Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Professor of Science
Chair Professor
Phone: 2358 7375
Email: tangbenz@ust.hk
Room: CYT6002
Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science

Prof King Lau CHOW Professor Phone: 2358 7342
Email: bokchow@ust.hk
Room: 5442
Pattern Formation, Neural Development and Sensory Organ Differentiation

Prof Albert C S CHUNG Professor Phone: 2358 8776
Email: achung@ust.hk
Room: 2531
Medical Image Analysis, Image Processing, Computer Vision

Prof Richard H Y SO Professor Phone: 2358 7105
Email: rhyso@ust.hk
Room: 5541
Functional Brain Studies on Visual and Audio Perception, Computational Ergonomics

Prof Jun XIA Professor Phone: 2358 7293
Email: jxia@ust.hk
Room: 5447
Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Bio-Imaging

Prof Shengwang DU Professor Phone: 2358 7486
Email: dusw@ust.hk
Room: 4477
Atom Optics, Quantum Optics, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Atom Chip, Laser Cooling and Trapping, Nonlinear Optics, Optical microscopy, Bioimaging

Prof Hong kai WU Professor

Phone: 2358 7246
Email: chhkwu@ust.hkRoom: 4517

Interdisciplinary Frontiers of Microfluidics, Bioanalytical Science and Materials Chemistry

Prof Guang ZHU Professor Phone: 2358 8705
Email: gzhu@ust.hk
Room: 5518
Structure-function of biomolecules, NMR spectroscopy, Drug design

Prof Pingbo HUANG Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7305
Email: bohuangp@ust.hk
Room: 5463
1.Sensory neurobiology: mechanotransduction in hair cells in the inner ear; 2.Mechanical and chemical regulation of ion channels; 3.Molecular mechanobiology.

Prof Xuhui HUANG Padma Harilela Associate Professor of Science Phone: 2358 7363
Email: xuhuihuang@ust.hk
Room: 4506
Protein Misfolding and Aggregation, Functional Conformational Changes in Transcription, Development of Kinetic Network Models for Long Timescale Dynamics.

Prof Yi-Kuen LEE Associate Professor Phone: 2358 8663
Email: meyklee@ust.hk
Room: 2547
Bio-MEMS and micro/nanofluidics, Single DNA/cell mechanics, CTC chips for cancer diagnostics, Closed-loop optimization for screening of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prof Matthew MCKAY Hari Harilela Associate Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering Phone: 2358 5035
Email: m.mckay@ust.hk
Room: 2450
Biostatistics and computational immunology, evolutionary dynamics, random matrix theory and multivariate statistics, MIMO communication systems, statistical signal processing

Prof Shuhuai YAO Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7205
Email: meshyao@ust.hk
Room: 2577F
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, MEMS/BioMEMS, Nanobiotechnology

Prof Yuan YAO Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7461
Email: yuany@ust.hk
Room: 3430
Topological & Geometric Methods in Data Analysis, Statistical Machine Learning, Applications in Computer and Life Sciences

Prof Levent YOBAS Associate Professor Phone: 2358 7068
Email: eelyobas@ust.hk
Room: CYT3012 
BioMEMS, Bioelectronics, Bio-Micro(nano)fluidics, Biosensors, Biomedical Microdevices, Lab on a Chip, Silicon-Neuron Interfaces, Neuroprosthetics


Faculty Name Title Contact Research Area
Prof Chi Ming CHAN Professor Emeritus Phone: 2358 7125
Email: kecmchan@ust.hk
Advanced Materials

Prof Gordon MCKAY Professor Emeritus Phone: 2358 7130
Email: kemckayg@ust.hk
My research focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of the design and optimization of processes and products for environmental applications, waste minimization and energy recovery.

Prof Po Lock YUE Professor Emeritus Phone: 2358 8370
Email: keplyue@ust.hk
Innovative environmental technologies, advanced oxidation technologies, clean technologies and cleaner production technologies

Adjunct / Visiting / Research

Faculty Name Title Contact Research Area
Prof Andrew MAK Professor of Engineering Practice Phone: 2863 0550
Email: keamak@ust.hk
Multiphase Mixing & Stirred Tank Reactor Design, Fluid Flow and Impact on Equipment Design, Modeling of Solids Suspension Mechanism, Process Optimization & Value Engineering.

Prof Khalil AMINE Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion & Storage in Lithium-based Batteries

Prof Chak Keung CHAN Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Email: keckchan@ust.hk
Aerosol chemistry and physics, air pollution, laser spectroscopy

Prof Guohua CHEN Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Email: kechengh@ust.hk
My research areas include: Electrochemical Technologies and Materials for Energy and Environment; Advanced Oxidation Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment; Solid Waste Management; Drying of Solids

Prof Christopher K S LEUNG Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Email: leungcks@ust.hk
Glaucoma Investigation and Management

Prof Chwee Teck LIM Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 4566
Email: ctlim@ust.hk
Human disease biomechanics & mechanobiology, Microfluidic technologies for disease detection, diagnosis and therapy, 2D materials for biomedical applications

Prof Jean Marie TARASCON Adjunct Professor Email: jmt@ust.hk
Solid State Chemistry

Prof Lutao WENG Adjunct Professor Phone: 2358 8735
Email: mcltweng@ust.hk
Advanced Materials, Materials Analysis

Prof Henry TONG Adjunct Associate Professor Email: kehenry@ust.hk

Prof Vincent C K CHEUNG Adjunct Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Email: vckc@ust.hk
Understanding how the brain and spinal cord cooperate to generate motor behaviors and to enable learning of new motor skills, and how such knowledge can be applied to improving neurorehabilitation strategies for stroke survivors

Prof Aviva CHOW Adjunct Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 7130
Particle Engineering, Drug Formulation and Delivery

Prof Frank L Y LAM Adjunct Assistant Professor Phone: 2358 7239
Email: kefrank@ust.hk