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Fung, Cheuk Wang; Chan, Shek Nga; Wu, Angela Ruohao, "Microfluidic single-cell analysis—Toward integration and total on-chip analysis", Biomicrofluidics, v. 14, (2), March 2020, article number 021502 (2020)

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Conference paper

Tan, Sin Yen; Wu, Angela Ruohao, "Human Microvasculature On-a-Chip", The 13th IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering, IEEE-NANOMED 2019, Gwangju, Korea, 21-24 November 2019 (2019)

Mai, John D.H.; Gaster, Richard S.; Wu, Angela Ruohao; Gu, Wei; Mach, Kathleen E.; Liao, Joseph C., "A microfluidic system for rapid bacterial pathogen detection", 7th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology - IEEE-NANO 2007, Proceedings, 2007, p. 1330-1334 (2007)