Prof. Po Lock YUE's Publications

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Li, L., Yue, P.-L., "Gas-phase photocatalytic oxidation of chclccl<sub>2</sub> and PhMe by supported titania", Chinese Journal of Catalysis. v. 17, (5), 1996, p. 450-454 (1996)

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Conference paper

Hu, Xijun., Lei, L., Chu, H.P., Yue, P.L., "A Novel Catalyst for Wastewater Treatment", Proceedings of the 1996 Asian-Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Forum, Beijing, IChE, China. 1996, p. 139-144 (1996)

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Chai, X., Chen, Guohua., Yue, P.L., Mi, Y., "Pilot Scale Membrane Separation of Electroplating Wastewater by Reverse Osmosis and of Textile Dyeing Wastewater by Nanofiltration", The 1996 International Congress on Membrane and Membrane Processes, Yokohama, Japan. August 1996 (1996)

Chai, X., Chen, Guohua., Yue, P.L., Mi, Y., "Treatment of Electroplating Waste Water and Textile Dyeing Water by Pilot Plant Scale Membrane Separation of Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration", 8th Annual Meeting of the North American Membrane Society, Ottawa, Canada. May 1996 (1996)

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