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Sum, OSN., Feng, JY., Hu, XJ., Yue, PL., "Photo-assisted fenton mineralization of an azo-dye acid black 1 using a modified laponite clay-based Fe nanocomposite as a heterogeneous catalyst", Topics in catalysis. v. 33, (1-4), 2005, APR, p. 233-242 (2005)

Conference paper

Feng, Jiyun., Wong, Raymond S.K., Hu, Xijun., Yue, Po Lock., "A Pilot Scale TiO2 Coated Cylindrical Falling Film Photo Reactor for the Degradation of Organic Dyes: Reactor Characteristics and Performance", 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. July 10-14 (2005)

Wu, Q., Hu, X., Yue, P.-L., "Mechanistic and kinetic studies of heterogeneous UV/Fenton process for the oxidation of aqueous organic pollutants: Electron transfer at catalyst surface to initiate the redox process", AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings , 2005, p. 5801-5806 (2005)

Feng, Jiyun., Hu, Xijun., Yue, Po Lock., "Mineralization of Indigo Carmine at Neutral pH Using a Nanocomposite as a Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Catalyst", 4th Asia-Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium, Gyeongju, Korea. 12-15 June (2005)

Li, M.K.S., Gao, P., Yue, P.L., Hu, X., "Synthesis of Layered-Silicate-Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method", 12th International Conference on Composites/Nano Engineering (ICCE-12), Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. August 1-6 (2005)

Kwan, Joseph., Yu, Samuel., Yue, Po Lock., "The Use of UV in Lieu of Chemical Fumigants for Disinfecting Hepa Filters", American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition organized jointly by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Anaheim, California, USA. May 21-26,2005 (2005)