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Wang, Kai; Wang, Zheng; Liu, Yonggang; Liu, Jiapeng; Cui, Zhiming; Zhang, X.; Ciucci, Francesco; Tang, Zhenhua, "Tailoring the interfacial active center of MnSxO2−x/MnCo2S4 heterostructure to boost the performance for oxygen evolution reaction and Zn-Air batteries in neutral electrolyte", Chemical Engineering Journal, v. 427, Janurary 2022, article number 131966 (2022)

Wan, Ting Hei; Ciucci, Francesco, "Ab Initio Study of the Defect Chemistry and Substitutional Strategies for Highly Conductive Li<sub>3</sub>YX<sub>6</sub>(X = F, Cl, Br, and I) Electrolyte for the Application of Solid-State Batteries", ACS Applied Energy Materials, July 2021 (2021)

Lin, Xidong; Zhou, Guodong; Liu, Jiapeng; Robson, Matthew James; Yu, Jing; Wang, Yuhao; Zhang, Zhiqi; Kwok, Stephen Chin To; Ciucci, Francesco, "Bifunctional Hydrated Gel Electrolyte for Long-Cycling Zn-Ion Battery with NASICON-Type Cathode", Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, article number 2105717 (2021)

Bin Mamtaz, Md Raziun; Wang, Zheng; Belotti, Alessio; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Yu, Jing; Liu, Jiapeng; Ciucci, Francesco, "Enhancing Ni Exsolution by Nonmetal B-Site Substituents (Si and P) in SrTiO<sub>3</sub>-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes", Energy and Fuels, v. 35, (18), September 2021, p. 15084-15093 (2021)

Zhou, Mengzhen; Liu, Jiapeng; Ye, Yongjian; Sun, Xiang; Chen, Huijun; Zhou, Deng; Yin, Yimei; Zhang, Nian; Ling, Yihan; Ciucci, Francesco; Chen, Yan, "Enhancing the Intrinsic Activity and Stability of Perovskite Cobaltite at Elevated Temperature Through Surface Stress", Small, October 2021 (2021)

Kim, Dohyung; Muckley, Eric S.; Creange, Nicole; Wan, Ting Hei; Ann, Myung Hyun; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Vasudevan, Rama K.; Kim, Jong H.; Ciucci, Francesco; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Kalinin, Sergei V.; Ahmadi, Mahshid, "Exploring Transport Behavior in Hybrid Perovskites Solar Cells via Machine Learning Analysis of Environmental-Dependent Impedance Spectroscopy", Advanced Science, 21 June 2021, article number 2002510 (2021)

Zhou, Guodong; Lin, Xidong; Liu, Jiapeng; Yu, Jing; Wu, Junxiong; Law, Ho Mei; Wang, Zheng; Ciucci, Francesco, "In situ formation of poly(butyl acrylate)-based non-flammable elastic quasi-solid electrolyte for dendrite-free flexible lithium metal batteries with long cycle life for wearable devices", Energy Storage Materials, v. 34, January 2021, p. 629-639 (2021)

Belotti, Alessio; Liu, Jiapeng; Curcio, Antonino; Wang, Jian; Wang, Zheng; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Ciucci, Francesco, "Introducing Ag in Ba<sub>0.9</sub>La<sub>0.1</sub>FeO<sub>3-δ</sub>: Combining cationic substitution with metal particle decoration", Materials Research: Energy, 23 March 2021, article number 100018 (2021)

Song, Yufei; Liu, Jiapeng; Wang, Yuhao; Guan, Daqin; Seong, Arim; Liang, Mingzhuang; Robson, Matthew James; Xiong, Xiandong; Zhang, Zhiqi; Kim, Guntae; Shao, Zongping; Ciucci, Francesco, "Nanocomposites: A New Opportunity For Developing Highly Active And Durable Bifunctional Air Electrodes For Reversible Protonic Ceramic Cells", Advanced Energy Materials, v. 11, (36), 4 August 2021, article number 2101899 (2021)

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Luo, Nan; Lin, Yong; Guo, Jian; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Deng, Huaijiu; Dong, Jian; Ciucci, Francesco; Boi, Filippo; Hu, Chunfeng; Grasso, Salvatore, "Spark Plasma Sintering of LiFePO<sub>4</sub>: AC Field Suppressing Lithium Migration", Materials, v. 14, (11), June 2021, article number 2826 (2021)

Lin, Yong; Luo, Nan; Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Ciucci, Francesco; Wu, Junghua; Kermani, Milad; Dong, Jian; Hu, Chungfeng; Grasso, Salvatore, "Ultrafast high-temperature sintering (UHS) of Li<sub>1.3</sub>Al<sub>0.3</sub>Ti<sub>1.7</sub>(PO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>3</sub>", Ceramics International, 24 April 2021 (2021)

Lin, Xidong; Yu, Jing; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Zhou, Guodong; Robson, Matthew James; Kwok, Stephen Chin To; Li, Haijun; Zhan, Shiying; Shang, Yongliang; Ciucci, Francesco, "Ultrathin and Non-Flammable Dual-Salt Polymer Electrolyte for High-Energy-Density Lithium-Metal Battery", Advanced Functional Materials, v. 31, (17), April 2021, article number 2010261 (2021)

Liu, Jiapeng; Wan, Ting Hei; Ciucci, Francesco, "A Bayesian View on the Hilbert Transform and the Kramers-Kronig Transform of Electrochemical Impedance Data: Probabilistic Estimates and Quality Scores", Electrochimica Acta, 8 August 2020, article number 136864 (2020)

Susca, Alessandro; Liu, Jiapeng; Cui, Jiang; Mubarak, Nauman; Wu, Junxiong; Ihsan ul haq, Muhammad; Ciucci, Francesco; Kim, Jang Kyo, "Affinity-engineered carbon nanofibers as scaffold for Na metal anodes", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 Jul 2020 (2020)

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Wu, Junxiong; Yu, Jiefu; Liu, Jiapeng; Cui, Jiang; Yao, Shanshan; Ihsan ul haq, Muhammad; Mubarak, Nauman; Susca, Alessandro; Ciucci, Francesco; Kim, Jang Kyo, "MoSe<sub>2</sub> nanosheets embedded in nitrogen/phosphorus co-doped carbon/graphene composite anodes for ultrafast sodium storage", Journal of Power Sources, v. 476, 15 November 2020, article number 228660 (2020)

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