Prof. Francesco CIUCCI's Publications

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Ciucci, F., "A Statistical Perspective on Oxygen Diffusion and Surface Exchange Experiments: Sensitivity Analysis, Parameter Estimation and Robust Optimal Experimental Design", Solid state ionics. v. 232, 2013, p. 97-105 (2013)

Chena, Chi., Ciucci, Francesco., "Generalized Transport Model for Phase Transition with Memory", Physics Letters A. v.377, (38), 2013, Nov, p. 2668-2672 (2013)

Ciucci, Francesco; Zhao, T. S., "Preface", Acta Mechanica Sinica. v. 29, (3), 2013, Jun, p. 311 (2013)

Ciucci, F., "Revisiting Parameter Identification in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Weighted Least Squares and Optimal Experimental Design", Electrochimica Acta. v. 87, 2013, p. 532-545 (2013)

Kumar, Amit., Leonard, Donovan., Jesse, Stephen., Ciucci, Francesco., Eliseev, Eugene A., Morozovska, Anna N., Biegalski, Michael D., Christen, Hans M., Tselev, Alexander., Mutoro, Eva., Crumlin, Ethan J., Morgan, Dane, "Spatially Resolved Mapping of Oxygen Reduction/Evolution Reaction on Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes with Sub-10 nm Resolution", ACS nano. v. 7, (5), May 2013, p. 3808-3814 (2013)

Book chapter

Kumar, Amit., Jesse, Stephen., Kalinin, Sergei V., Ciucci, Francesco., Morozovska, Anna N., "Electrochemical Strain Microscopy of Oxygen-Ion Conductors: Fuel Cells and Oxide Electronics", Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Research , / Edited by D.A. Bonnel and S.V. Kalinin. New Jersey : World Scientific, 2013, chapter 9, p. 253-298 (2013)

Conference paper

Ciucci, Fancesco., Kang, Dal-Mo., Ratner, Albert., Culick, Fred E. C., "Detection of NO in a Methane-Air, Steady, Flat Flame with CO2/N2 Seeded Using Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing and Laser-Induced Fluorescence", 39th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, Huntsville, Alabama. 20-23 July 2003 (2013)

Yeung, K.K., Yuen, Matthew M.F., Ciucci, F., Zhang, X., "Electrodeposition of Lead and Lead Dioxide Particles on Porous Three-dimensional Graphene Electrodes", 15th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Packaging, Seoul, Korea. 6-9 Oct 2013 (2013)