Prof. Francesco CIUCCI's Publications

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Wang, Qi; Wu, Jian-Fang; Lu, Ziheng; Ciucci, Francesco; Pang, Wei Kong; Guo, Xin, "A New Lithium-Ion Conductor LiTaSiO<sub>5</sub>: Theoretical Prediction, Materials Synthesis, and Ionic Conductivity", Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, article number 1904232 (2019)

Quattrocchi, Emanuele; Wan, Ting Hei; Curcio, Antonino; Pepe, Simona; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Ciucci, Francesco, "A general model for the impedance of batteries and supercapacitors: The non-linear distribution of diffusion times", Electrochimica Acta, v.324, November 2019, article number 134853 (2019)

Lyu, Yuqi; Yu, Jing; Lu, Ziheng; Ciucci, Francesco, "CoNi/Ba<sub>0.5</sub>Sr<sub>0.5</sub>Co<sub>0.8</sub>Fe<sub>0.2</sub>O<sub>3−δ</sub>/N-doped-carbon as a Highly-active Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Water Splitting", Journal of Power Sources, March 2019, p. 91-98 (2019)

Yu, Jing; Lyu, Yuqi; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Kwok, Chin To Stephen; Wu, Junxiong; Ciucci, Francesco, "Enabling non-flammable Li-metal batteries via electrolyte functionalization and interface engineering", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, v. 7, (30), July 2019, p. 17995-18002 (2019)

Lu, Ziheng; Yu, Jing; Wu, Junxiong; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Kwok, Chin To Stephen; Lyu, Yuqi; Yuen, Ming Fai; Ciucci, Francesco, "Enabling room-temperature solid-state lithium-metal batteries with fluoroethylene carbonate-modified plastic crystal interlayers", Energy Storage Materials, v. 18, March 2019, p. 311-319 (2019)

Wang, Jian; Ciucci, Francesco, "In-situ Synthesis of Bimetallic Phosphide With Carbon Tubes as an Active Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction", Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, v. 254, October 2019, p. 292-299 (2019)

Ciucci, Francesco, "Modeling electrochemical impedance spectroscopy", Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, v. 13, February 2019, p. 132-139 (2019)

Wu, Junxiong; Liu, Jiapeng; Lu, Ziheng; Lin, Kui; Lyu, Yuqi; Li, Baihua; Ciucci, Francesco; Kim, Jang Kyo, "Non-flammable electrolyte for dendrite-free sodium-sulfur battery", Energy Storage Materials, 1 June 2019 (2019)

Gao, Yao; Sun, Sheng; Shi, San-Qiang; Ciucci, Francesco; Zhang, Tong-Yi, "On-chip suspended gold nanowire electrode with a rough surface: Fabrication and electrochemical properties", Electrochimica Acta, v. 30, May 2019, p. 20-29 (2019)

Liu, Jiapeng; Wang, Jian; Belotti, Alessio; Ciucci, Francesco, "P-Substituted Ba<sub>0.95</sub>La<sub>0.05</sub>FeO<sub>3−δN.sub> as a Cathode Material for SOFCs", ACS Applied Energy Materials, 22 July 2019 (2019)

Lyu, Yuqi; Yu, Jing; Wu, Junxiong; Effat, Mohammed Badrt Mostafa Kamel; Ciucci, Francesco, "Stabilizing Na-metal batteries with a manganese oxide cathode using a solid-state composite electrolyte", Journal of Power Sources, v. 416, March 2019, p. 21-28 (2019)

Liu, Jiapeng; Ciucci, Francesco, "The Gaussian process distribution of relaxation times: A machine learning tool for the analysis and prediction of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy data", Electrochimica Acta, 20 November 2019, article number 135316 (2019)