RPG Student List


Weiyang CHEN

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. King Lun YEUNG


Research Topic

Graphene Aerogels and composites: Applications in Air Purification


Bioaerosols, malodors and VOCs are three major indoor air pollutants, which may cause some illnesses and even induce psychological stress in many individuals. However, the performance of current systems for air purification and disinfection are far from satisfactory because of the poor integration and high-energy consumption of adsorption and filtration technologies. Consequently, my research aims to utilize the advantages of the porous mixed oxide nanomaterials, like excellent adsorption, catalysis and antimicrobial properties to purify and disinfect the pollutants in indoor air, and using graphene aerogels as a matrix for immobilization and assembly of nanomaterials to minimize the potential release of nanoparticles into the environment.

Journal Publication

Hasan, Mohammad Mehedi; Chen, Weiyang; Yeung, King Lun, "Photocatalytic Properties of Ion-Implanted Titania Nanotubes", (2016)
Chen, Weiyang; Wang, Qingyue; Zhao, Zongbin; Qiu, Jieshan; Yeung, King Lun, "Design, Synthesis and Fabrication of Freestanding Aerogels of Graphene-MOFs for Air Treatment", (2015)
Liu, Zhang; Chen, weiyang; Yeung, king lun, "Tunable CO2 uptake/release by CPO-27-Ni aerogel incorporated in Nickel foam", (2015)