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Baihua ZHONG

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. King Lun YEUNG


Research Topic

Microneedle for transdermal formulation delivery


The skin is an effective barrier against the invasion of noxious chemicals and harmful pathogens. The rigidity of the outermost layer of skin, stratum corneum, hinders the transdermal delivery of drugs especially those with large molecular weight and low lipophilicity. A pathway across the skin barrier is needed for drug delivery. Conventional transdermal drug delivery like traditional hypodermic needles, salves and patches, are either with injection pain or low efficiency. Microneedles primarily fabricated with microfluidic technologies can be used to breach the skin barrier and facilitate transdermal drug administration. Zeolite, as a biocompatible material, is found without any toxic accumulation and little immunotoxicity.

This study explores zeolite microneedle, microporous aluminosilicate structure, as a method for transdermal drug delivery. A back-side exposure technique for forming the SU-8 into template needle structure is developed for fabrication of zeolite microneedle. Since some drug molecules are in micro- or even nano-scale, dynamics and mechanism of transdermal drug delivery via microneedle are investigated, while the microfluidic properties of the fabricated zeolite microneedles are measured and analyzed. Penetrating stratum corneum without any pain, the zeolite microneedle is a fabulous media connecting inside human body and the outer environment, which provides the possibility to explore various modified zeolite microneedle for biomedical applications, like insulin therapy for diabetes, antihypertensive drugs applied for cardiovascular diseases and toxoid vaccination. Meanwhile, mass production strategy will be developed, for the industrialization of zeolite microneedle.

Journal Publication

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