RPG Student List


Kaiqi YAN

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Ka Ming NG


Research Topic

Screen printed biodevices


Screen printing is a widely used method in mass-producing biosensors, especially for electrochemical sensors. When fabricating such sensors, conductive screen-printable ink is applied on a screen, which carries the ink to the target substrate surface. After drying and curing the ink, we will have conductive tracks that can be used as the electrodes in the sensor. The device will be finished when the electrodes are modified by detectors that target the desired analytes and coatings with known electrode potential such as silver/silver chloride.

Although there are many different ink formulations currently available in the market, the development process of which is usually trial-and-error based, and thus we believe there is a need in producing a guideline in the development of these inks. Also, there are extra requirements on the conductive track properties for biosensor, we would also like to address that in this thesis.

Journal Publication

Yan, Lawrence K. Q.; Fung, Ka Y.; Ng, Ka M., "Aerobic Sludge Granulation for Simultaneous Anaerobic Decolorization and Aerobic Aromatic Amines Mineralization for Azo Dye Wastewater Treatment", (2018)