RPG Student List


Boyang LIU

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Energy Technology Concentration)

Supervisor: Prof. Furong GAO


Research Topic

Online estimation of battery pack state variables


The performance and capability of the battery pack in EVs is demonstrated by the real-time state variables including state of charge, state of health and state of power,etc. Systematically correlated estimation of the state variables based on the equivalent circuit model parameters of the battery pack is a key function for the battery management system.

Journal Publication

Tang, Xiaopeng; Yao, Ke; Liu, Boyang; Hu, Wengui; Gao, Furong, "Long-term battery voltage, power, and surface temperature prediction using a model-based extreme learning machine", (2018)
Tang, Xiaopeng; Liu, Boyang; Lv, Zhou; Gao, F., "Observer Based Battery SOC Estimation: Using Multi-gain-switching Approach", (2017)
Tang, Xiaopeng; Liu, Boyang; Gao, Furong, "State of Charge Estimation of LiFePO4 Battery Based on a Gain-classifier Observer", (2017)
Tang, Xiaopeng; Liu, Boyang; Gao, Furong; Lv, Zhou, "State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-Ion Power Batteries Based on a Tuning Free Observer", (2016)