RPG Student List


Ruipeng CHEN

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Yongli MI


Research Topic

A new configuration of DNA origami with modular blocks linked by bridging staples


DNA origami, a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of structural DNA nanotechnology, has enabled the design and construction of increasingly more controllable and complex nanostructures. The overall stability and complexity of a conventional origami structure is resulted from the special folding path of scaffold strand and the crossovers and base complementarity provided by the short staples strands. However, once a certain structure was built, it’s not easy to make structure modifications based on it. In this study, we aim at constructing a simplified and modular architecture of origami in which the scaffold routes in modular blocks linked by bridging staples. A variety of complex shapes based on few basic structures can be constructed through block rearrangement and hence the cost per origami structure is reduced. We will also try to identify a subset of staples that may facilitate the formation of the origami with a new conformation which is theoretically possible, thus, different topology and dynamic conformational change can be achieved by changing only minority of the staples.