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Master Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Chi Wai HUI


Research Topic

Modeling and Optimization of Multistream Heat Exchangers


The soaring energy demand and the increasing levels of air pollutants continuously call for newer, more sustainable and more efficient ways for limiting the power consumption inside industrial plants. The application of multistream heat exchangers (MHEXs) to simultaneously transfer and recover heat among multiple process streams, has proved to be a feasible solution to effectively address this task, with many examples especially in energy intensive processes. However, despite the recent efforts towards the development of a comprehensive, exhaustive and efficient method, the modelling and optimization of MHEXs still face major challenges, and thus require further improvement. The main objective of this work is to provide a reliable and efficient method able to simultaneously maximize the heat recovery, minimize the total power consumption, and guarantee the heat transfer feasibility. Validation of the model will be addressed through simulation of different case studies.