RPG Student List



Master Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Nanotechnology Concentration)

Supervisor: Prof. Xijun HU

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Frank Lam


Research Topic

Nanowires fabrication via physical chemistry process


Nanowires are nanostructure with thickness and diameter constrained within the nanoscale, and are commonly used as superconductors. The fabrication process of nanowires is mainly produced in vapor or liquid phase. In many recent studies, high energy ball milling has shown to be able to produce nanocomposite and certain nanostructure. In this research, nanowires are aimed to be fabricated via physical chemistry process. Various metal precursor, milling balls and different mesoporous silicas are run in different setting to see the possibility of forming nanowires with just physical means. The resulting product will be analyzed with TEM and XRD to see the presence of nanowires.