RPG Student List


Jianhui LIU

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Ying CHAU


Research Topic

Ultrasound Triggered Polymer-peptide hybrid hydrogel


This project is aimed at constructing hybrid hydrogels with polymer as the backbone and self-assembled peptide as physical crosslinker, which can be controlled by the parameters of ultrasound, including intensity and frequency. At the same time, many factors such as the peptide sequence, the initial conditions of self-assembly, the thermodynamic stability of self-assembled peptide nanostructures and crosslinking density can also have an effect on the performance of hydrogel. The mechanical property, the controlled release profile and the mechanism of ultrasound responsive property will be investigated. This kind of hydrogel can be applied in the area of pulsatile drug delivery as a new kind of biomaterial with good biocompatibility.