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Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Nanotechnology Concentration)

Supervisor: Prof. Ping GAO


Research Topic

Preparation of high-strength biodegradable packaging materials from starch, poly(lactic acid) and UHMWPE


High strength biodegradable material is produced from ultra-high molecular weight poly(ethylene) (UHMWPE). Biodegradability is improved by incorporation of starch or poly(lactic acid) (PLA) into UHMWPE matrix. Molecular interactions are studied using various characterization techniques. Mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of the finished products are evaluated. Starch/UHMWPE and PLA/UHMWPE are expected to be used in packaging applications. High strength property of the finished product comes from UHMWPE while biodegradability is derived from starch or PLA.