RPG Student List


Shengnan LIU

Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Ka Ming NG

Co-Supervisor: Prof.David Hui


Research Topic

Nano-water pump based Anodic Aluminum oxide membrane and the aging process of AAO


Aluminum anodization is an electrochemical method to produce the nano-structure porous anodic aluminum oxide membrane (AAO). The controllable pore size, density and thickness of the membrane enable the AAO membrane to be widely used as templates in a variety of applications. In recent years, the electro-osmosis nano-pumps have attracted people’s attention for the elimination of moving parts and constant flows and AAO membrane could be used for a “nano-scale water pump” with good performance. The water could flow through the channel of the membrane and the flow rate is very fast with relatively low voltage. However, the life span of the AAO is limited in use for the pump. The mechanism of AAO aging is significant not only for the academic research but also the commercial market.