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Molecular-level design and engineering of nature-derived and artificial materials for regenerative medicine, drug deliveries and therapeutics, novel biosensing/bioimaging strategies and diagnostic platform for point of care, synthetic and systems biology, omics technology and bioinformatics.


Big Data Leads to Breakthroughs in Brain Cancer Research | Prof. Jiguang WANG
14 Dec 2018

Prof. Jiguang WANG (Division of Life Science/CBE) and Prof Jiang Tao from Beijing Tiantan hospital have announced their research break-through using big-data information to guide the treatment of patients of severe brain cancer..

In a world first, they have discovered a type of gene mutation as the major culprit behind the aggressive progression of a type of brain cancer called Secondary Glioblastoma (sGBM). This discovery has guided a new treatment that has shown signs of success in a three-month trial on sGBM patients.

“Those who took part in the research are chemo-resistant patients and have not responded to standard form of medication, so to see such a positive response from them is quite a success,” Prof. Wang said.

While most patients in the trial eventually die, he said more studies are needed to see if the drug can be used in conjunction with other drugs to have longer lasting results.

Published on Dec 3, 2018 by HKUST Press Releases

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Teaching old drugs new tricks with innovative delivery methods | Prof. Ying CHAU
7 Nov 2018

A range of age-related eye conditions can be tackled with anti-VEGF drugs, which reduce blood vessel formation in the eye – but these drugs remain prohibitively expensive. Chau Ying’s lab at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is developing a gel that can reduce the frequency with which the drugs have to be injected, promising to make them more affordable and accessible.

Published on Nov 7, 2018 by World Economic Forum on YouTube

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Faculty members in this research area

Prof I-Ming HSING

Research Area: Bioengineering - Nucleic Acid Bioengineering, Flexible Bioelectronics, Synthetic Biology
Prof Henry H N LAM
Associate Head / Associate Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering
Prof Ying CHAU

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Bioengineering - Bioengineering
Prof Yongli MI

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Bioengineering - DNA self-assembly for bio-nanotechnology, Bio-nanotechnology, Nano-wire and Micro Devices by Bio-templating approaches, Phase Behavior of Nano-Sized Single Chain Globules, Diffusion phenomena
Prof Fei SUN
Associate Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - Protein Engineering, Protein Materials, Directed Evolution and Synthetic Biology
Prof Becki Y KUANG
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - RNA engineering, Biomaterials, Molecular self-assembly
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - Neural circuits for visual behaviors in zebrafish
Prof Yiwen WANG
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - Brain Machine Interfaces, Adaptive Signal Processing
Prof Terence T W WONG
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Imaging
Prof Angela R H WU
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Bioengineering - Investigating disease mechanisms using novel approaches such as single cell transcriptomics and gene editing, Development of new technologies and tools to address experimental challenges in life science research.
Prof Marshal YS LIU
Assistant Professor of Engineering Education

Research Area: Bioengineering - Bioprocess, Energy; Natural products